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Little Brown Dogs Grooming
 Call us: 1-207-935-DOGS (3647)
Salon Services
Little Brown Dogs Grooming Services

Boarding and Day Care Services
Bichon Frise/Mini Poodle  
Complete Grooming $40.00 Patterned Clip-Additional $5.00  
Bath, Brush, Dry & Fluff $30.00

Standard Poodle  
Complete Grooming/Kennel Clip $60.00 Patterned Clip—Additional $10.00
Bath, Brush, Dry & Fluff $40.00

Cocker/Springer Spaniel  
Complete Grooming/Cocker or Springer Clip $35.00-$45.00 Field Clip/Shave Down $35.00-$40.00
Bath & Brush and Dry $30.00

Mini Schnauzer
Complete Grooming $35.00  
Bath, Blow Dry & Brush $25.00

Standard Schnauzer
Complete Grooming $65.00  
Bath, Blow Dry & Brush $40.00

Golden Retriever
Complete Grooming $45-50.00 

Shih Tzu/Lhasa Apso
Complete Grooming $35.00
Bath, Blow Dry & Brush $25.00

Other Breeds Not Specified (Up to 20 lbs)
Small Dog/Complete Groom $25 -$35.00
Medium Dog/Complete Groom (Up to 50lbs) $35 -$45.00
Bath, Blow Dry & Brush Only $30.00

Large Dog/Short Coat (Up to 75lbs) $45 -$55.00
Large Dogs with Undercoat/Long Coat $55-$85.00
Bath, Blow Dry & Brush Only $40.00-$60.00

Extra Large Breeds (Anything over 75lbs):
i.e Great Pyrennese, Full Coated English Sheep Dog, Newfoundland, etc. $85 -$125.00

Nail Clipping Only $5-10.00

Puppy Grooming Desensitizing/socializing $5 per visit

All prices listed above include nail clipping, ear cleaning and pad trimming. All prices also include external anal gland
excretion when needed.

All prices are subject to change based on the type and condition of the coat. An additional fee of $10.00-$25.00 per hour will be
charged for de-matting a coat.   

An additional $8.00 will be charged for very, very naughty dogs.  

Owners who wish to have their dogs hand stripped will be charged the rate of a complete groom plus $20.00 hourly for
stripping process.

Dogs who arrive and have fleas will be dipped and an additional charge of $5.00 to $10.00 will be added.   This is to help your dog and protect other dogs in the shop. 

Please ask if you would like more information on services not listed.
Little Brown Dogs is proud to offer a full range of pet care services and salon packages that can be individually catered
to your pets needs. From the elegant Afghan, to the saucy Springer Spaniel, from the exotic Maltese and Shih Tsu, to the
loyal and loving Labrador and Beagle we have experience in making your best friend look and feel her very best.  

Keeping up on all of the very best and latest products, equipment and styles will keep your pet safe, squeaky clean and
stylish! From basic to fancy, you can be sure that your pet will be treated with the up most care and consideration while
at our facilities.
​In addition to salon services, Little Brown Dogs also offers limited in home pet boarding for day care and overnight
stays. We realize that sometimes it is not possible to take your best friend with you when you go away, and kenneling is
not the right option for all pets. By inviting your pet into our home and family, your dog will never have to experience the
"kennel". Because this type of care is done in our own home, we can only accommodate a very limited number of
guests. All guests must be well socialized and non aggressive with animals, people and children. They also must be very well
behaved. This is boarding, not rehabilitation.  

All dogs who stay must be up to date on vaccinations and we strongly recommend the kennel cough vaccination. In addition, as dogs stay in the home, we ask that your dogs be flea free prior to boarding.  

We set up an initial meeting, if possible, to meet your doggy and make sure that there are no personality conflicts. 

At this time, we are not able to take in cats for boarding.

Rates start at $25.00 per day or $150 per week - when you board one week, you get a night free.  Dogs who stay for one week also receive a bath and brush.  Holiday weeks are not discounted.  Christmas, February and April vacation weeks are at the full rate of $175.00.  

Only three boarders will be taken at any time.  There is a discount applied when one owner boards multiple dogs, depending on the behavior of the dogs.  The multiple dog discount will not be given during Christmas, February and April vacation weeks.   

Dogs receive two walks daily, treats, weekly baths and lots and lots of love and care.  
Home Visits and Hourly Dog Sitting
We offer in home visits for the town of Brownfield and closer areas of Denmark.  In home visits offer flexible dog care in your home for feeding, walking and snuggle time for pets that are more comfortable in their own homes or are not well socialized to be in a multi-pet environment.   Pet care is available for dogs, cats and other small animals.  We do not offer care for larger livestock.   Pet care in your home ranges from $10-$15.00 per visit depending on the distance from Little Brown Dogs Grooming.  For households with many pets that require lengthier visits or varied care, pricing may vary. Visits generally last from 15-35 minutes, depending on your needs.  

Hourly dog sitting at your location is available during the summer only.  Rates begin at $10.00 per hour.   This is a service mainly provided to our local camp grounds that are pet friendly.   

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