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Little Brown Dogs Grooming
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Anna Mosca, Owner & Groomer
The "Little Brown Dogs"
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About Little Brown Dogs Grooming
Little Brown Dogs is a family run local business serving the Brownfield & Fryeburg, Maine and North Conway, NH area.  We use only the safest methods - no speed grooming and no heated dryers or drying crates.

Little Brown Dogs is not just for dogs! We also love to see very friendly cats, rabbits and other small animals.  Volunteer grooming is available to homeless pets or those waiting for homes at local shelters or in foster homes.                                                                                                        

We have excellent references available from local pet owners and businesses.  While in our home, we treat your pet like they are part of our family!  Home-based boarding and day-care means your doggy will never have to see the inside of a kennel again.   We also have a fenced in back yard and play area for socialization!
Anna Mosca has been caring for pets since she could walk. She grew up in a household with cats, dogs and other small furry critters, getting her first experience with basic grooming at 13 when she started working for a local
breeder and groomer in Fryeburg, Maine.  

She took her experience and knowledge with her to Harvest Hills Animal Shelter in Fryeburg, Maine, where she volunteered
throughout high school.

After graduating Gould Academy in 1995, she went on to Bradford College studying Musical Theater and vocal performance.  She also received
her SEL Private Pilot's License after studying and flying out of Fryeburg, Airport. In 1996 she moved to California where she studied and graduated from Chapman
University with a BA in Psychology.  

Moving back to the east coast, she decided to go back to her roots, studying pet care and grooming at A+ Pet Grooming Academy in New Gloucester, Maine.
Star and Bella were the original "Little Brown Dogs" for whom the business is both named and dedicated to.   Both rescues from kill shelters in Tennesee, these dogs made a long journey before finding their true home.  

Bella was dumped at the shelter with a broken leg and a basketball sized hernia.  She was so sweet and kind, that despite her injuries, she was sent North to Pennsylvania to receive corrective surgery before arriving at the Conway Area Humane Society.  She lived with us for five years before cancer took her to the Rainbow Bridge.

Star was deemed "not adoptable" because she was so afraid of people.  She managed to make it North by being in the right place at the right time and catching the dog bus up to CAHS.  She lived here for six months - no one would adopt her because all she did was cower in the back of the kennel.   We took her on as a foster dog  to help her become more social and less fearful.  After a month of hiding under our dining room table, refusing to eat anything other than scrambled eggs and destroying hundreds of dollars worth of clothing, bedding and furniture, we decided we couldn't live without her.

Star  was with us for twelve years before she joined Bella at the Rainbow Bridge.

Committed to making your best friend look and feel the very best.

Miss B
We found Miss B  through the
Louisiana Humane Society
through Monique Kramer's dog
rescue, the Long Journey Home to
a New Beginning.   I call her the dog I special ordered, because she was everything that I wanted and asked for in a dog - sweet, loving and gentle.   That she was also "little and brown" was a bonus. 

Miss B arrived in early July of 2009. She is sweet, loves her doggy sister's and  loves sleeping on the bed.  Best of all, she loves our children, Lyssa and Phinneas.   
A warning to those coming to the shop: B will try to jump on you and give you kisses.   You can't take her home with you.   

She will also bark at you till you pet her.    Just give in to it.   

Suki is little but not really brown.  I say her golden tan counts as a brown.   This does not make her any less important in our pack.  Suki arrived in February of 2007.   I always wanted a lap dog and love the tenacious and spunky personality of the Silky Terrier.... they are like a full size dog in a little dog body.  

Suki is both a princess and a protector. She is sweet and gentle, but also brave and fearless... except when its time for brushing and combing!  She is also very, very pretty!

Suki is now 15 years old, and may or may not get up to greet you.   She enjoys sleeping, eating and being loved.